d things
ender’s game sucks, orson scott card is a horrible human being and anyone who likes him should stop now and forever

first off i’d like to say that ender’s game and all it’s sequels are shit

i truly mean it

i mean, really, ender is basically a sympathetic hitler committing genocide for great justice of true human race

here’s a nice essay outlining why the book is putting a morally horrible character in a sympathetic light.


secondly i’d like to point out that orson scott card (not capitalizing his name - not enough respect to do so) is a terrible person

i mean really holy shit



what the fuck dude



ten years on and he’s still an asshole


this jackass joins the National Organization for Marriage on the board of directors to oppose gay marriage and to support prop 8 and all that shit

dude you’re a huge fucker already don’t make it worse on yourself

oh wait i mean fuck you nevermind